FRANK THIEL (Born 1966)

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STADT 5/02/A (BERLIN), 1996 by FRANK THIEL (Born 1966) - photograph for sale from Beetles & Huxley

STADT 5/02/A (BERLIN), 1996




Frank Thiel is one of Germany's leading contemporary photographers, born in Kleinmachnow, Germany, in 1966. Upon moving to West Berlin in 1985, Thiel enrolled at a local training college where he studied photography from 1987 to 1989.

Germany has played an integral role in the development of Thiel's work; Following the aftermath of the country's re-unification in 1991, Thiel has sought to document the landscape of post-Wall Berlin, capturing the city in a state of flux at a pivotal moment in history. He is widely celebrated for his revealing and thought provoking images of modern day Berlin in which he highlights the new patterns of urban existence within the capital. Thiel believes it to be a "city that suffers from an overdose of history...yet it does not suffer from its sediments like other European cities, but from the consequences of its eruptions." Working on a grand scale, Theil reflects the monumentality of the city and it's architecture through his photographs. Thiel's work comments on issues such as state surveillance and the privatisation of public space through his objective approach to his subject matter.

Recently he has shifted his focus away from the urban landscape of Berlin to the natural, glacial landscapes of Argentina's Patagonia region. Continuing to work in a large format, Thiel produced "Nowhere Is A Place" in 2014.

The artist's photographs have been exhibited worldwide in various galleries and imuseums including The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, The Phillips Collection, Washington DC., and Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid.

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